Marketing Agency

For centuries and decades in the Russian market there was darkness and hopelessness reigned. From year to year there were new companies, brands, technologies, and services industry and remained at the previous level, being reflected in life of each of us.

Who is guilty? Workers with cheap salary and the strangled prospects? The companies oppressed by the economic situation which isn't allowing to do honest business? Clients who have reconciled to low service, without hoping for the best? Everyone was a hostage of the system which has killed any hope for bright future.

It would seem, this desperate situation won't be ends, but surprising laws of the Universe have come to the rescue. Any chaos leads sooner or later to explosion thanks to which there is absolutely new world granting the right for life. Really worthy life which all of us, by all means, have deserved.

It is unlikely you have noticed how walls shivered on April 4, 2016, mirrors and ware from deep seismic waves which force overcame massive layers of crust and kilometers of ocean waters. And during this, apparently, usual moment the world has irrevocably changed.

… there was the most powerful dazzling explosion by name – MEGAPLYUM.

Every day the flash of explosion doesn't die away, and becomes brighter, changing cheerful light the world around. The MEGAPLYUM marketing agency intends to change radically your idea of the correct service, qualitative production, the strong brands and the perspective companies granting confidence in tomorrow. We make our clients happy, and the employees – really happy as we give them the chance to find ourselves, to be implemented and become a part of large projects, always open for the fresh ideas and original nuggets.

The feature of the MEGAPLYUM marketing agency is that it works not on others, but for own brands. All presented trademarks are a fruit of persistent work of our united creative team.

We are in the different, but right places where the help of our professionals sharply is required. Come on a visit to feel the warm and light atmosphere of our office.

Don't forget – MEGAPLYUM is always glad to take the gifted persons full of enthusiasm in our team. Even if at you haven't got ten years' experience behind shoulders, we all the same will pay to your candidate due attention of which you for certain deserve!
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